Profile: Bene Bene Mini-Truck, Fairfax Village

benebenebenebenebeneOh Bene Bene Bene Barto Bene. So cute you are, so cute and fully functional resplendant in sharp pinstripe warm color palette, jiffyfont offset with plenty of white space. You park on Oakwood, and sometimes Rosewood, and once maybe as far north as Clinton. Never the north-south streets for you, little Bene Bene! Does your steering work properly, or is it not by choice? You park on the East-West streets for weeks at a time, always facing east and then you disappear! …you disappear overnight for days, weeks at a time. Just where in the Christ Almighty do you go when you leave! Are you in training? You are in training, aren’t you, Bene Bene. You want to be a grown-up truck but you are so cute and tiny now. You tout ’gelato’ yet your inside is gutted and appears to be in a state of serious transition. benebenebeneBene bene bene bene bene, bene, bene. Where is your gelato, Bene. I want a Gelato, Bene. One day I am going to find you parked on an East street, buy you or just plain old-fashioned steal you and trick you out hardcore to be a miniature kid-brother version of the i&i mobile soundsystem. I shall then drive the East and West streets of Los Angeles, ten feet behind Aurelito and Shakespeare*, passing out tiny single servings of dubreggae everywhere I go all the while the peal of my voice chalks up the husky evening air, “BenebenebenebenebenebeneBene!”


*good fotos by blogmaestress xeni jardin