Of Clown Crotches And Towers

bullseye!Many people have polarizing views of the infamous ballerina clown at the corner of Main and Rose in Venice. But have they ever really taken the time to stand right on the bullseye and peep under the hood?

Ah Rose, sweet Rose….how I remember fondly Rose, the Mason-Dixon line that silently and stolidly tells people the million-dollar homes and bums of Santa Monica will now be flavored with Oakwood spice and burned-out hippies living in cars. Rose with its bakery, Rose with its coffee roaster, Rose with its tequila hangover, Rose with its ballerina clown crotch.

Back to topic. Jonathan Borofsky made the clown some time ago, and the original design had the leg kicking up and down. Borofsky’s other ideas include a 9/11 memorial tower made out of 3024 steel human figurines. The tower would emit a creepy heartbeat sound as you approach it. Now that’s hardcore.