International Noise Conspiracy @ Echo Review

Hated by few, loved by many, “Kiss or Kill”, a genre-specific, tight-knit community of punk and hybrid-punk bands, hosted out-of-towners (International) Noise Conspiracy last Tuesday at the Echo.

From the top of the short set to the very end the venue was filled with aggressive arms, fists and heads pumping to the music and mouths belting out every lyric to every song (including INC’s unreleased material), while band members thrashed around on stage like manics on medication.

Lead singer Dennis Lyxzèn busted out James Brown moves and no-holds-barred political rants. He took an unsurprising stab at W but also at the music industry’s attempt to curb downloading. “The industry and capitalists are afraid of what they can’t control,” stated Dennis, “and that’s downloading free music.” He then encouraged the audience to download INC’s new songs.

The highlight of the show occured when Dennis propped his leg up on the shoulder of a male fan and climbed over him as he was singing to the pit. Dennis, suspended in air above the crowd, continued his wild gesticulation and passionate vocal delivery.

In 7 words – it was an incredible, incredible, incredible show.