New on the LJ Concert Calendar: Art Brut

Art BrutCheck out this cheeky English rock band called Art Brut headed for Spaceland on Nov. 17. Good write up on them here. You have my permission to download the album, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, but you must promise to buy it when it gets a domestic release. The singer-talker Eddie Argos is the mutant spawn of Mark E. Smith and Jonathan Richman. The lead single is called “Art Brut Formed A Band,” so you get their angle right away. The music is mainly an energetic wiry postpunk rock. They do go acoustic on “Moving to L.A.”, probably the track with the best shot to breakthrough here–think KCRW–and, as that goes, one of the less interesting cuts on the album. Watch a Real Player video here. Tix on sale now.

Bonus: MP3 of “Art Brut Formed a Band”