Bill DeMarco Takes Time Out From Ranking Starbucks to Review Some Bands

Bill DeMarco Takes Time Out From Ranking Starbucks to Review Some Bands


So I got into it with my editor–he said he wanted me to stop reviewing Starbucks for a while. He said I was getting “too close.” I said, “What are you talking about?” not realizing I was holding a French press in one hand and a slice of zucchini bread in the other. He said he was re-assigning me until I “cooled off.” He told me to go review a band called Hegemonic Oracles of Annihilation. Sometimes you gotta go away someplace to find out where you are.

Hegemonic Oracles of Annihilation @ the Troubadour
Alexis Leone

I get there around 5:45. If I’m going to do this I’m going to do it the right way. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Troubadour. Feels the same. Small. Two levels. A stage. Never been gone. It’s like getting your first parking ticket. 6:45. I’m still the only one here. I’m just that much more prepared. I check out the CD. Oracles, huh? Oracles of hope? Of depression. . . . ?

Operation: Suicide
Mental Enslavement
Question the Questioners
Internet Junkie

Destroyed II
Guns of Hollywood
F***ed Up
Oracles of Depression

Well that answers that. I’m parked in a loading zone. 7:27. There are four people here now. Time for my second beer. It’s still light outside. Who is Alexis Leone? Who is Yellowtail? . I’ve got questions, and they’re only going to get answered when someone takes the stage. . .or when I read my press kit. I’m already bored

Next Week: More Starbucks Reviews