PB Wolf To Rock the Segal; Rock the Segal

PB Wolf To Rock the Segal; Rock the Segal

I just received an e-mail from Ubiquity regarding a couple of events that should probably be added to the music calendar…….

YNQ from stonesthrowIf you can’t make it to MOCA Saturday night to watch Peanut Butter Wolf spin (and/or you simply refuse to for personal reasons), you’ll have some interesting options Sunday: He’s spinning alongside Waajeed (of Platinum Pied Pipers) and Madlib at night, but losanjealous is actually recommending you catch the 2pm in-store set at Fred Segal of all places. Face it, you can catch an in-store at Amoeba any day of the week. But does Amoeba sell $600 cashmere sweaters in mandatory autumn colors? Thought not. The show is free; bring $1500 for clothes and a few bucks for parking in Santa Monica. It is unclear if Fred Segal will be serving cocktails. Plan on bringing a full collapsible bar in your trunk for a serious pre-Segal tailgating session in the parking structure at 2nd and Colorado.

If you plan on seeing the Wolf with Madlib and co. Sunday evening as well in lieu of Dead Can Dance (win free tix from us), you might strongly consider RSVPing as noted below so you can pick up your free pass while there.

It’s a bit of a cheap ploy to force everybody to go all the way out to Fred Segal in Santa Monica simply to pick up a crummy RSVP pass for an event in Hollywood. As such, we recommend wholeheartedly that you go to the Fred Segal show but do not RSVP, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and go see Dead Can Dance that night instead.

PB Wolf and Madlib groupies are exempt from this advice. Bring your stonesthrow albums for autographs and, if possible, hit all three events in a PB Wolf Grand-Slam of sorts, ensuring maximum harassment.

Details from Ubiquity:

Sunday, September 25th
Triple 5 Soul, The FADER Magazine & Turntable Lab
in association with Transit Events Present

In-store 2pm-4pm
@ FRED SEGAL (Santa Monica) 420 Broadway

Later that night…. 9pm-2am
@ MONTMARTRE, 6757 Hollywood Blvd.

DJ Sets by:
WAAJEED (Platinum Pied Pipers/Bling 47/Ubiquity)
MADLIB (Stones Throw)
LOWBUDGET (Hollertronix)

Please RSVP with “LOS ANGELES” in the subject line to events@triple5soul.com and then visit the in-store at Fred Segal in Los Angeles to PICK UP YOUR PASS (REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION) on Sunday 9/25 between the hours of 2pm and 4pm. LIST CLOSES ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th @ 12:00PM (East Coast Time)

Update: Things to Consider…
Why aren’t more clothing retailers and brands partnering up to sponsor DJ events in order to increase sales? A has-been house music tastemaker like Oakenfold could easily complete a regional tour of JC Penneys. Mandatory RSVPs to ’los-angeles-clublife@dockers-wrinkle-free.com’… Talk to me, James Cash Penney. I’ll make this happen.