Great Moments in LA History: Elvis Dry Humps Nipper

Great Moments in LA History: Elvis Dry Humps Nipper

On October 28, 1957, Elvis performed an historic show at the Pan Pacific Auditorium. During an encore of his hit Hound Dog, Elvis’ one-night-stand wrangler, Byron Raphael, recounts the shock of watching his boss get intimate onstage with an RCA canine mascot, Nipper, stuffed animal.

elvis nipper
Photo from Elvis Presley News

“Pumped up by either adrenaline or libido, he began to unfasten his pants and slowly pull down his zipper… Elvis reached for Nipper.

“Suddenly Elvis pressed the dog against his crotch… and he rode the pooch back and forth in a masturbatory glide. As the crowd noise grew to a furious roar, Elvis continued to dry-hump poor Nipper.”

Presley is then said to have rolled around the floor with the dog.

Raphael adds, “It was one of the most shocking things I’d ever seen. There’s no question that Elvis was trying to have sex, because when he finally gave the dog back to me, I could see a huge hard-on through his pants.”

At the King’s performance the following day LA police were in attendance, ready to pounce when he repeated the act. Elvis picked up the stuffed Nipper during the show but instead drew a halo around the dog’s head.

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