Something Must Be Happening Up There, with All the Cars Going Real Slow

Does anyone know what is going on up there, up the road, right now? There’s long lines of cars backed up before that isosceles intersection up at Wilshire and Santa Monica and everyone is just barely moving, like a couple of car lengths at a time. Backed way up to the condo corridor on Wilshire. Then, when you get up there finally, only a few cars make the left turn onto Santa Monica before it goes red. Just right now, Friday at 2:22 p.m. Must be something going on up there. Anyone know what’s going on up there? Let us know at:

Here is the intersection where there must be something happening right now:

Something going on at this intersection...

UPDATE: We got a report at 3:02 p.m. from another part of town that the same thing appears to be going on at the Sunset and Highland intersection. Apparently the left hand turn at Hollywood High is blocked for some reason and only a car or two makes it on the green arrow.

UPDATE #2: Another blogger writes in:

I just left El Cholo and I am at Olympic and Western in K-Town and the same thing is happening. (I am sending this from my Treo.) Cars are backed way up on Western, going north, moving real slow. I rolled down my window to see what was going on, but all I could see were cars all the way to Wilshire.