Lakers' Mihm Gets A Shoe Deal... with Pony?

Lakers’ Mihm Gets A Shoe Deal… with Pony?

The New Face of Pony Laker center Chris Mihm has perhaps done irreparable damage to his on the court cred by signing an exclusive shoe endorsement deal with … wait for it … Pony. Damn. Pony? They still around? Could he be even more square than before? Apparently so. Even if you can’t get your own shoe model with them, you got to go with one of the Big 3. You got to.

Spud, propelled by PonyPony had their chance to break through. Go back to 1988. In the 1988 All Star Slam Dunk contest, while all eyes were on the then-brand-new now-classic white 3/4-top Jordans, Spud Webb was sporting Pony kicks. And they were the damn LOWCUT style (see pic). 5’7″ and he’s throwing down crazy two-handed jams. Pony’s peak
Pony failed to capitalize on this buzz and they have been laggers in the marketplace ever since. And don’t even get me started on BROOKS. ’Nique rocked the sick hi-top Brooks, threw down that windmill action, but lost to MJ in the finals with those 2 immortal 50 point dunks. Brooks and ’Nique were not heard from again. But Spud stayed around for a while. Too bad Pony didn’t.

At the end of his career, Kareem was endorsing LA GEAR kicks. These were some nasty white lowtops with gold and purple accents. Like the kind seniors put on to powerwalk through malls. The all-time NBA scoring champ deserved better, but he never cared about his image really. So Mihm better not be getting any image advice from Coach Captain. Just sky hook lessons. Maybe some goggle recommendations.

Check out this sweet book on the key years in the history of old school kicks.