Photo Op: Hairy Palms

tobey mcguireYou’ve got two more weeks to check out the Spider Pavilion at the Natural History Museum. First, you look at the big guys in the little cages. If you’re lucky, one of the workers will pull a couple of the less dangerous ones out to play with/harass. You’ll be told how dangerous a few of the other ones can be. Those will be the ones that you can’t see, instilling a case of mild paranoia within your bones. Following that you’ll walk into the pavilion itself, a giant caged atrium where a reported 300+ spiders are performing all manner of spideryness above and around you. The museum hopes this exhibit will help alleviate the general public’s fears about spiders. On a personal note, I went in not terribly afraid and left feeling more than a little freaked. I think the high-powered air blowers at the entranceway didn’t do much in the way of shaking that feeling. Thank you, robot air blower. You blew three big spiders off my back.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely worth the trip. A few more photos: Pavilion, Tarantula Belly, Scorpion, Whiplash.

Bonus Photo
Unidentified film project outside the pavilion. Not cops.