Elliott Smith — 2 years ago today

Elliott at the keys

Blogcritics.org reminds us that today is the 2nd anniversary of Elliott Smith’s death in his adopted hometown of L.A. (Still no official ruling on the cause of death by the L.A. Coroner’s office.)

Anyone been by the Sound Solutions memorial recently? Here’s a nice gallery of pics from the days just after his death.

Another small gallery of the famous “Figure 8” wall here.

For all the expansion of the incredibly bland Hotel Cafe coffeehouse singer-songwriter scene, there is no one around town these days really filling his void. Not that anyone really can.

Just last week, a great batch of unreleased Elliott Smith tunes were floated onto the Web. Many of them are from the last set of tunes he wrote. www.elliottsmithbsides.com provides the current link where you can get them all in one shot.

For more info, check out his official unofficial website.