Fake Coachella 2006 Revised Fake Line-up Fake

Fake #3The guy that’s making these is fast becoming a hero of mine. His dogged devotion to pointless speculation and uncompensated graphics work in the name of “pure fun” is admirable. I particularly envy that lack of personal inner censor that says things like “Why the fuck am I am doing this?” or “What do I get out of this? or, simply, “Who cares?”

So for v. 3.0, he’s slapped on a disclaimer watermark and corrected the typos in previous version. There is some reshuffling in the smaller font acts. At the top, the most notable re-pixeling is the removal of both Portishead and Gorillaz and the addition of the rumored My Bloody Valentine reunion. Maybe he’s heard something.

Would this bill get you to fork out 175 clams, drive 4 hours, hang in 100 degree heat and sleep in your car or a $400 Motel 6 box?

UPDATE 02/01/06: The real thing is here.