Blog Post #113B

1: Damn.
2: What?
1: I had this great post idea…
2: And?
1: I lost it.
2: Lost it?
1: Lost it. Or forgot it. Lost it.
2: Oh.
1: I could just see it. It was going to be great.
2: But?
1: I lost it.
2: Right. Maybe you never had it in the first place. Have you considered that? “Lost” implies previous possession.
1: No, I definitely had it. I had a clever take on a timely story set in Los Angeles. It was perfect. I saw it being linked all over the blogosphere. Everyone commented on it. Pete alone commented on the post 9 times.
2: Maybe I can help you find it again. Was it this: Subway to Sea Viable? Lots of potential in that story.
1: No, that wasn’t it. And what potential?
2: How about that story on the In-N-Out family from the Sunday magazine? You could do a whole “secret menu of In-N-Out” thing. Totally So-Cal.
1: That wasn’t it. And that In-N-Out stuff’s been done to death.
Where the hell is this going? -Ed.
2: Saw that coming. Better get something up now. How about that bizarre story about Bob Barker trying to save the L.A. Zoo elephants? That’s like an L.A.-centric 2-fer: Zoo + Bob Barker = Comedy Gold.
1: Nah, don’t want to snark on that, it’s a decent cause. Even if the Price Is Right is absurd at this point.
2: Right.
1: OK, I’m trying.
2: But don’t try too hard. Everyone tries too hard. Relax.
1: OK. I’m relaxing. Letting the ideas come to me.
2: There you go.
1: Still relaxed. I’m laying here relaxed. Any minute now…
2: Here it comes…
1: Here it comes. Christ. Just put up some pictures or something.
2: Done.
Come On DownCome on down
1: Not bad. Think Pete will comment on it?
2: Definitely.

See me. -Ed.