Losanjealous Mailbag Graffiti Research Update

A most curious object was drawn from the Losanjealous reader mailbag this week. As follows:

mystery billboard

This graffiti appeared on a billboard at the end of my street (Lincoln @ Ozone in SaMo) about a week ago. Is this some type of underground marketing campaign? I mean, something stupid like Scion would do? Or is it really graffiti? I looked all over the web for I.C.U., but I couldn’t find any reasonable matches. Normally, I wouldn’t care, but it’s just weird that if this is graffiti it has been up a week and not painted over, considering the visibility. It is kind’ve clever…

Reader X: We continue to research at present. We have not been able to overturn any overt product tie-ins. That said…Sony PSP has not been ruled out. More as it develops.