L.A. Concert Calendar: April 3 - April 9

L.A. Concert Calendar: April 3 – April 9

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Gallants (Two)Pick of the Week: Two Gallants @ Troubadour.

“Now that he was alone his face looked older. His gaiety seemed to forsake him and, as he came by the railings of the Duke’s Lawn, he allowed his hand to run along them. The air which the harpist had played began to control his movements. His softly padded feet played the melody while his fingers swept a scale of variations idly along the railings after each group of notes…” (continued)

Sia @ Troubadour
New York Dolls @ Spaceland
Zach Galifianakis @ Largo

Bitter:Sweet @ Temple Bar
Andrew WK @ Knitting Factory
Two Gallants @ Troubadour
Van Hunt @ Roxy

Andrew WK @ Knitting Factory
Jolie Holland @ Largo

Edith Frost @ Spaceland
Mike Stinson @ Silverlake Lounge
David Garza @ Largo

Carneyball Johnson @ Amoeba (free)
Bad Haggis @ Getty (free)

Boy Least Likely To @ Spaceland
Stan Ridgway @ Echo
Elbow @ Avalon
Sondre Lerche @ Troubadour

Phil Ochs tribute @ Smell
Sondre Lerche @ Troubadour

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