Mr. T Visitor Guide: Mr. T's Meat Market

Mr. T Visitor Guide: Mr. T’s Meat Market


The Basics: Did T open up a Meat Market without telling T about it? This is not my Meat Market and they are using my NAME.

Neighborhood: Inglewood

Address: 62nd and Western

Why You Should Visit: I told these fools to cease and desist! Mr. T doesn’t like pick-up bars! I busted up some shady goings-on in the back alley, and was about to knock these punks out using my name…told them not to give me no back talk! Then they hooked Mr. T up with some T-Bones! If you’re gonna buy a T-Bone, you might as well get it at Mr. T’s Meat Market. Just stay out of the alley, fools. This is no pick-up bar.

Additional Notes: Meat. It does a T good.