The Mid-City Taco Triumvirate

The Mid-City Taco Triumvirate

The holy grail — a taco trilogy so great that it defies description. A taco triptych of immense beauty. A taco tabernacle of wisdom and faith. A taco triumvirate. Anyways, that’s what I am calling it.

Yes, I’ve been gone for a bit. I went away to blogging school, did a few extension classes when money got tight, but passed the finals and got my degree. Since graduating, I’ve started my own blog, L.A. Smog Blog. There you will find my review of El Burrito Jr., which completes my reviewing of the Mid-City taco triumvirate, which began on this site with reviews of El Pecas #2 and Lucy’s. If you wanted to, you could easily walk to all three of these La Brea Ave. establishments for a full day of taco fun. I do it every other Sunday with a group of friends. Try it. Also, here’s a visual aid if you do decide to take the Mid-City taco walking tour. Print this map out and you are set:

Bizarre Taco Triangle

Don’t forget your compass!

Editors note: per Losanjealous bylaws, after announcing his departure Daniel was given the choice of being beaten by rest of our staff members or fighting Bill DeMarco to the death. Daniel wisely chose the group beating and requests that readers do not send flowers to his Cedars-Sinai recovery unit room on account of his allergies.