Tom Verlaine @ The Roxy This Friday

We have tickets to see Tom Verlaine to giveaway. Send an e-mail to us with your full name to enter for you and a guest will see Tom Verlaine courtesy of The Roxy.

UPDATE: Tickets have been given away. Winners have been notified.

There are still some tickets available, so do check this show out. It’s worth a 20 spot at least. T.V.’s genius really can’t be overstated. You hear his lead style echoed in everyone from Steve Malkmus to Jeff Tweedy to those dudes in the Strokes. For any one that has ever picked up a guitar and tried to wring emotion out of those 12 notes without lapsing into pentatonic scale cliches he is an inspiration.

TOM VERLAINE w/ Special Guests
The Roxy
Friday June 16