Top 10 Things I Learned Browsing the L.A. County Coroner Web Site

    Coroner’s Office Logo

  1. Its intro page animation runs for two minutes and ten seconds.
  2. In 2001 five people died from falling out of a tree.
  3. On the privacy page explaining in detail that they don’t use cookies, two cookies are set.
  4. To help off-set monetary losses, the Coroner’s Office opened a shop called Skeletons In The Closet in September 1993.
  5. Its most popular items are the Coroner Tee Shirts and the Woven Beach Towels.
  6. You can request a catalog online.
  7. The site is laced with punny taglines such as “Our Commitment Burns Bright”, “We Have Our Work Cut Out For Us”, and “Stay Cool.”
  8. A complete private autopsy will run you about five grand.
  9. The Unidentified Persons List includes photos of facially recognizable subjects.
  10. You will have nightmares after viewing the Unidentified Persons List.

Visit the L.A. County Coroner Web Site.