José González' Bearded Argentinian-Swedish Gúdness Heads to Vista

José González’ Bearded Argentinian-Swedish Gúdness Heads to Vista

jose gonzalez’ gonzbeardThe Beard™ of José Feliciano González is an international one, to be sure. This Thursday he’s an Argentinian born in Sweden, singing in English, playing to a crowd of English-speaking hipsters in a city that predominately speaks Spanish, spotlighting a song that was featured in a German car commercial. Time permitting, maybe he’ll throw in a few British songs for good measure. I for one would not say no to a set sung entirely in Esperanto.

I had the pleasure of witnessing Dr González* at the Hotel Café one rainy night last spring, and I must indeed condone this Th&#251rsday’s affair. As mentioned in this week’s concert calendar, we want you to win a pair of tickets to this show. Winner will be announced Wednesday around noon. Good luck!

@ Vista Theater
Thursday, October 5
Contest is now closed. Thank you for playing Bearded Jose Gonzalez Roulette!

*honorary title