Possible Great Place To Take Pee Found

Satanic Pee Dumpsters under Metro Gold Line

We are talking serious win-win here, people. Enter: Satanic dumpsters on Alameda under the Metro Gold. Mere blocks away from the acclaimed Phillippe in Chinatown. What’s not to love about this area!?

  • You can always find free, easy parking on Alameda if Chinatown be yon destination. Why you would risk the massive headache of the few clogged streets surrounding and bissecting Broadway is beyond me.
  • Nobody hangs out here save 14-year-old punk skaters, riffraff and benevolent castoffs.
  • This may well be a great place to take a pee. Judging by the look of things you would, by far, not be the first.

Thank me later.