Mr T. Visitor Guide: Why I Has A Beef Wif Lady Sovereign

Lady Sov vs. T!

The setup: Mr. T was late to the Tony Bennet show at the Kodak Theatre. Parking’s scarce for a tactical command unit and that fool Murdock gave me bunk directions. Luckily I ran into a midget in an alley.

The rationale: Face wasn’t pickin’ up his cell phone and any fool can give me better directions than Murdock.

The altercation: The midget didn’t know where the Kodak Theatre was. She started actin’ the fool, sayin’ she wasn’t from here and if I didn’t like it, try and deport her. Mr. T don’t take no backtalk. Then she gave T a bunk chiropractic adjustment. This ain’t over.

Lady Sov vs. T!

Lady Sov vs. T!

Mr. T: Midget! Point me to the Kodak Theatre

Lady Sov: Oi, wot?

Mr T: I said, tell Mr. T where the Kodak Theatre is. He’s late!

Lady Sov: I doesn’t know. I’s not from here. I’s just here doin’ Jimmy Kimmel.

Mr. T: Quit yo’ jibba jabba! Does yo’ momma know you talk like that? Take Mr. T out to the street and point him to Hollywood Boulevard. My leg is killing me from kicking fools’ doors down today. Maybe i’ll let you live, midget!

Lady Sov: Let me live? Lets ME live? Why doesn’t I help you wif a chiropractic adjustment, OI? Youse just messed wif the wrong midget. You and Jentina… finks you knows it all….grrr…grrr..

[hoists T up in the air and starts swinging him about by the legs]

Mr. T: Thank you, midget. My leg feels better. Now point me towards Hollywood Boulevard, fool.

Lady Sov: OI! Shut it! I’s about to drop kick you to Hollywood Boulevard. Then you’ll see about messin’ wif the biggest midget in the game!

Mr. T: Let me down fool! Don’t make me mad….grrr… T’s already late….HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Lady Sov: JAJA! You’se learned your lesson, right well, hasn’t ye?

Mr. T: MY LEG! What’d you do fool? THIS AIN’T OVER MIDGET!!!!!!!!!!

MY LEG! What’d you do fool?  THIS AIN’T OVER MIDGET!!!!!!!!!

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