Fontwatch: Gar Hath Become Sar

O! What a tangled “J” we script. Typographers, Fontographers, and Fontyperaphers alike should delight in the “J façade” refresh recently afforded GAR, Suzanne Tracht’s chophouse situated at 8225 Beverly. In the past, drivers unfamiliar with the acclaimed establishment would phonetically vocalize for blocks, varying between GAR and JAR until one was eventually favored over other. Said drivers will now take comfort in the fact that the muddy water has been substiantally filtered with the recent J Refresh. Indeed, the establishment’s name is no longer a question in the mind of the casual driver: WELCOME TO SAR, acclaimed chophouse of chef Suzanne Tracht!

The Gar Sar Jar
8225 Beverly

Special Bloggy Shoutout to My Culinary Adventures for having the foresight to have captured historic “J=G” script