Gui Rim: The Instruction Manual

GuiBQGui Rim: The Instruction Manual
3977 W 6th Street

  1. Find self at corner of Western and 6th
  2. With at least $14.99 plus tax and tip in pocket
  3. Enter Gui Rim Korean BBQ Establishment
  4. Traditional BBQ Eaters choose “Option A” for succulent bulgogi, galbi, tongue, pork belly, etc
  5. Bourdain types choose “Option B” for heart, tripe, intestine, “all the other shit”
  6. Type “A” and “B” choosers alike: enjoy respectable array of panchan, briefly
  7. Eat as many plates of meat (and/or tripe) as humanly possible
  8. Consider beer
  9. Prepare system for immediate onset of postprandial sedation
  10. Retire to couch
  11. Sleep 4.5 hrs, repeat

PDF availableThis instruction manual is also available as a downloadable PDF which may be printed and taken to the restaurant if desired. Download the PDF here

Special Bonus Photo Section
Gui Rim: The Frontage | Gui Rim: The Unnecessary KimChi Close-up