Santa Mall-ica Grapples With Geography

Santa Mall-ica Grapples With Geography

NY CheesesteakAnybody notice what’s wrong with this picture? No?

Well, I don’t really know what Philly did to deserve this kind of abuse.

A picture of the Brooklyn Bridge at a Philly cheesesteak joint? The fucking WTC? In place of the Philadelphia skyline? Why don’t you just paint somebody pissing on the Liberty Bell in the bottom lefthand corner? Why don’t you have a graffiti-rendering of Benjamin Franklin with a ball gag? This is ridiculous. This is like going into a “Twin Cities Diner” and seeing a picture of the Quad City DJ’s. Or a South Philly taco truck called “San Diego Tacos” with a huge picture of the Hollywood sign on its side. If you can buy San Diego tourists in South Philly, can you imagine their outrage? Sadly, this reinforces many of the “what outside world?” stereotypes people have of Los Angelenos. Is Los Angeles truly destined to be the next “hermit kingdom”? Recent commenters of the month may pick up on that reference.

Of course, if the cheesesteaks were any good, I would certainly fix my tone. But the best steaks I’ve ever had in L.A. were at the Detour Fest. And, just like Luke Skyywalker: I Ain’t Bullshittin’. Its the same stand that was at Coachella, and it has the most authentic Philly-style steaks I’ve yet tasted in Socal. If they have a brick-and-mortar in L.A., someone please make it known. If you must, though:

Philly Steak
1551 Ocean Ave. (entrance on Colorado)
Santa Metallica, CA 90401

downtown NY skyline