The MisShapes Are Coming!


Have you heard? The MisShapes are coming! On Thursday, March 8 to LA, that is. Well not exactly LA, but Orange County. To Shark Club in Costa Mesa, to be exact. It’s only an hour and a half down the 405 on a weeknight–a small price to pay to be in their company, if you ask me!

If you live under a rock and don’t know who & what MisShapes is, they’re only the coolest DJs (The MisShapes) who throw the coolest weekly party in NYC (MisShapes). It only makes sense that LoveLeigh, Greg.K and the other guy are bringing their tunes and style to the coolest city in the OC. I’m sorry, but the style of the MisShapes kids makes our own Club Bang kids look like a bunch of Physics Club rejects!

Ladies especially should take note, for the event flyer promises:

An evening to tantalize and entice your restless soul, featuring an exclusive beauty lounge to pamper the ladies in the house

’LightEven cooler still, the party is an exclusive event presented by Camel No. 9 cigarettes. If you live under a rock, Camel No. 9 cigarettes are only the coolest new cigarettes that all the kids are smoking these days. They’re light & luscious and come in this sexy black box with fuchsia and teal trim. So you can get your tickets to the big MisShapes Costa Mesa party through your local Camel rep. (You do know your local Camel rep., right? I have mine on speed-dial!)

UPDATE: It turns out that Shark Club’s website has printable tickets to the event, in case you want to skip the Camel rep. thing. (But do be sure to check out Camel No. 9 cigarettes!) Here’s the ticket for you to print: