El Chato, Son of El Pecas #2


El Chato is the name of the taco truck brought to you by the men who brought you El Pecas #2. The–get ready for alliteration, okay … 1, 2, 3 – let’s do it—flavorful fare remains the same, but the truck is new.

I had a long, rich history with El Pecas #2. My roommates and I hired the guys from the El Pecas truck to cater a summer block party we threw for our cozy Longwood Highlands neighborhood. I will never forget running down Citrus Avenue in 90 degree heat with a gas canister in my hand, because the truck’s portable generator had run out of gasoline. If there were to be more lengua tacos, then I needed to hurry. About 10 minutes and a vintage t-shirt soaked in gasoline later, 100 of my closest friends enjoyed delicious tacos again.

Priceless. Hold on to those memories, kid.

A few months after the party, the El Pecas guys bought the new truck. Adorned with cartoon characters from a Mexican comic book (or so I am told; I don’t read Mexican comic books, only Romanian comix, so I have no way of verifying the claims). I was shocked to see the new truck, which, by the way, is located at the southwest corner of La Brea and Olympic in the same parking lot that El Pecas #2 called home (nights only, natch).

The food is still great – greasy al pastor tacos or a carne asada burrito both score high on the Wonderlic test and nothing is better when you are wasted and within walking distance. In fact, the photos included here were taken on my cell phone after a night of heavy drinking at a local watering hole.

The El Chato truck does serve chicken now, something to appease the gringos I imagine. It isn’t bad, but hey, I fit the key demographic they are targeting. I’d stick to the beef, whether you go the lengua or the asada route. I hope the new truck doesn’t throw people off. C’mon guys it’s no big deal, so they changed the name. It’s just like Nancy Silverton leaving Campanile and starting Mozza – shooters keep shooting and great chefs keep cooking tripa.

Please enjoy a photo from the 2006 El Pecas #2 block party.