SXSW — Pictures: Andrew Bird, The Mooney Suzuki, Matt & Kim, Kaki King, The Walkmen, Albert Hammond Jr., The Pipettes, and some old geezer called Pete Townsend

Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird. Could show Peter Bjorn and/or John a thing or six about how to whistle live.

Mooney Suzuki
The Mooney Suzuki. This is the guitarist for The Mooney Suzuki, Graham Tyler. That is the bar he is standing on. Any questions?

Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim. I can”t think of a better pop duo to watch while eating complementary quesadillas.

Kaki King
Kaki King. Kaki + slide guitar + digital loop pedal = brilliance.

The Walkmen
The Walkmen. There are many things in this world I do not understand. One of them is the reason why The Walkmen are not massive.

Albert Hammond Jr.
Albert Hammond Jr. It is amazing how much the dude from The Strokes can exactly like a dude from The Strokes.

The Pipettes
The Pipettes. These are The Pipettes. Helpfully, they have a song entitled “We are The Pipettes.” (Note: They pronounce their name so it rhymes with “regrets.”)

Pete Fucking Townsend
Pete Fucking Townsend. Enough said.