Losanjealous February 2007 Commenter of the Month: Frank

’Frank’Sure, some might say that it is easier to win the prestigious Losanjealous Commenter of the Month Award in Februrary, the shortest month of the year. But to those naysayers, I say you may have a point. But regardless, Losanjealous is about quality, not quantity, and in these 28 days, Frank has dazzled us with his upcoming rock show insider tips. From predicting tour schedules to clueing us in on precise ticket onsale times, Frank has been an invaluable contributor to the Losanjealous community and it is finally time that we celebrate him as a Commenter of the Month. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you… Frank.

Let’s take you back to your very first comment on October 26, 2005 at 9:36 pm. Oddly enough, you made your debut on a non-musical post. It was on my brilliant “Brentwood Treehouse of Horrors” post, upon which you commented: “Only In Los Anjealous!”

Your first post is like your first love, I just wanted to do it to see what all the fuss was about.

Do you remember where you were when you made that comment? What your state of mind was? Can you contrast the feelings you had just before making your first comment and then after making your debut comment? How long you visited the site before making that first comment?

Um…. Damn short term memory can’t really remember. I should take some ginkgo biloba!

Was it an immediate thing or did you bide your time, waiting for the waters to recede to the right level before plunging in?

One of the first blogs I ever read was on the health code of our beloved Oki-Dog. This was when it proudly showed it’s capital C, if I’m correct you’d also receive a .50 cent discount for mentioning this unhealthy faux pas. I did however call my sister when she was in Las Vegas and excitedly told her we needs to get an Oki-dog NOW!

How would you categorize your commenting style? Are you the meticulous type to preview your comments and tweak them to get them just right, or are you a “shoot from the hip” kind of commenter? Purely informational or do you go for jokes when you can? Are there any fellow commenters whom you have studied and learned from as your own commenting voice has evolved? (Besides MV Pete, who has, safe to say, influenced us all and is in another class all his own.)

I’m a shoot from the hip type person, hence all the gramatikal err0s. However when necessary I do like to throw in a quick whim or chuckle here and there. My main attraction to Losanjealous is the music section. I’m inclined to give just the facts. I wouldn’t want to lose any street cred!

From January 2006 through October 2006, you only commented once. Was there any particular reason for the radio silence during that gap? Personal troubles at home? (You can tell us anything.)

Four letters: L-O-V-E

Whatever the reason, it should be noted here that you returned to the game strongly with a tip of that Beastie Boys at the Fonda ticket on-sale on October 20. That comment may go down as your all-time tip, but do you have one comment that stands out in your memory as your best? Or simply your favorite?

Each comment is very precious to me. I ain’t getting any younger, these young indie kids with their faux-hawks and tight jeans are trying to get my spot. With each comment I try to increase my Indie street Cred. I’m trying to reach super saiyan level!

Skip to 2007 and we find you pulling out all kinds of deep show tips with stunning frequency. Where do you find most of your tips? Do you have any inside connections in the industry or is it the work of intense Internet trolling? Some combination thereof?

I have hos in different area codes.

Do you ever grow weary of doing the lion’s share of the work on our show calendar comments? Now’s your chance to out the slackers. What commenters would you like to see pulling more weight? Jenn? Oscar? Horney Guy?

I love the positive feedback and support from Jenn, Oscar, fa., and of course V. Horney Guy needs to step it up a notch.

Are there some tips so hot that you won’t post them until you’ve secured your own tickets? (Oscar, for example, noted that he would make sure to get his own Radiohead WASTE tickets before going public. Probably a wise idea.)

Unless I’m told to keep it under lock and key, I reveal everything. Can’t say I ever horded something for myself. Guess you could call me the Stewart Libby of the group.

Now some offline stuff.

What is your day/night job? (You can leave out specifics to avoid being murdered by a rabid Losanjealous fan.)

I applied for absolute philosopher of reality, but one of my dearest friends all ready has that title.

What is the best concert you ever attended?

It would have to be the night I wore a bib to Spaceland. Thats where I first saw my Boo. I spit so much game that night and I got the digits (hence the bib). I think the Cribs played that night too.

Are you going to Coachella? If so, on which acts are you most interested in commenting? And do you have room in your car to take a couple of readers? (Note: We are not responsible for any murdering that may occur.)

WoW, so many to choose from. Unfortunatly I won’t be able to attend Friday night. With all these great groups performing Justice, The Klaxons, and of course The Cribs spring to mind. I’ll be the one running from tent to tent.

What do you eat for breakfast? How long does it tide you over? My position is that you cannot comment effectively on an empty stomach; Ryan’s take is different.

I can’t speak to well for my eating habits, however Dr. Oz recommends a big heaping bowl of steel cut oatmeal in the morning. Sorry peoples, I do watch an occasional episode of Oprah with my gal. No have not yet grown a vagina!

Finally, any parting comments or taunts you’d like to issue? Now’s your chance. Or you could just leave them in the comments below at a later time.

A big thanks to Losanjealous for keeping L.A Fun!!!


February 2007