Charles Phoenix’s Slide of the Week: Covina Bowl, Covina, 1955

Covina Bowl, Covina, 1955

This is the moment of ignition. A small, controlled flame is sucked in a post lunch cigarette pursed between the red lips of a space age suburban matron. Her black and white tweed suit is as sensible as it is smart. And that double rose head ornament is as unexpected as it is outstanding.

Those spectacular two-tone gold Lurex diamond drapes could easily be fashioned into a ball gown. They are a stark and glamorous contrast to the wood-grain Formica table top, paper place mat and pink and gray dishes lunch is served on.

Speaking of lunch…isn’t she going to finish her peas and baked potato? She hasn’t even touched that boxy basket of crackers and double wide pat of butter served on a side dish. Should she want to salt, pepper and or sugar anything; no problem, the shakers are full. And she’s got plenty to drink –water, wine and coffee. Oh well, I guess she’d rather smoke her lunch!

Here’s to the Covina Bowl, (it’s still standing!) double roses, gold lurex and YOU!

Charles Phoenix

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