Win Tickets to Patrick Wolf @ Troubadour

’PatrickPatrick Wolf finally makes his way back to L.A. on 5/16. Luckily for us, he gets free from supporting Amy Winohouse to do a his own headlining gig.

It’s the last night of his American tour, so, given his history of memorable performances, anything can and probably will happen. Just don’t expect the new drummer to act up, as he might be sacked right there on stage, mid-song, as the old one was in New York.

If you are the generally unlucky sort, you may as well buy tickets here. They only went on sale yesterday but word is they’re moving fast.

5 tracks from new record stream on his website, if you require an indoctrination into his sound.

Contest entry is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Winners will be notified by 12 noon, Friday, May 11.