Today's Chart Not Looking So Hot

Today’s Chart Not Looking So Hot

Today’s horoscope from Holiday Mathis, syndicated astrologist to the LA Times:

Today’s birthday (May 15). You shine receptive, open energy on everyone you meet. Honor these spontaneous connections as a reflection of your simple goodness. Get backburner home projects off the ground in June. You find a new income stream in August. A July romance sizzles through the summer. A Gemini person and another Taurus person suit you. Your lucky numbers are: 16, 12, 45, 23 and 6.

I crunched the numbers myself and came up with something drastically different. All Enos aside we are in for a very bad day, any way you slice it. See for yourself:

Born On This Day: May 15
Name Location of Birth Age Universal Karma
McDonald’s San Bernardino 67 -130,000,000
Las Vegas Las Vegas 102 -6.7 billion
Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (DBA Brian Eno) Woodbridge, Suffolk (United Kingdom) 59 +3500