This Elvis Costello 7″ Record Can Be Yours

We get asked to giveaway a ton of promo swag here at Losanjealous HQ. Some of it cool, some of it not so cool. Case in point, our 3rd floor conference room is currently full of stacked boxes of According to Jim beer koozies that we had to pass on featuring in a giveaway. (You want to get those out of here already, Casagrande?)


So when this neat little Elvis Costello 7″ promo came our way, I said hold on! This doesn’t involve Jim Belushi! Elvis is cool. Our readers play vinyl. Let’s do it.

The A-side is a demo of “Welcome to the Working Week” from the new LP, Rock And Roll Music, and the B-side is the oldie “Lovers Walk.”

Winners have been selected and will be notified shortly. Thanks to all who entered!