Kaiser Chiefs @ Henry Fonda Theater, 6/7/07

Kaiser Chiefs I think the Kaiser Chiefs could go country and rabid fans of Employment would still flock to their shows. While not as drastic, the Chiefs strive for a different sound on their sophomore release. They worked with the same legendary producer, Stephen Street, to come up with a less edgy but more accessible collection of songs. It’s the Kaisers showing that they’ve grown up musically or at least learned how to record with the toilet seat up. And, as one may suspect, the new songs have more energy live. The Kaisers also faithfully stuck to their formula for live performances. Ricky got in his usual dose of aerobics. If there was a light scaffolding at the Fonda, I’m sure he would have climbed it. They know better than to provoke a happy mob.

Kaiser Chiefs Kaiser Chiefs
Kaiser Chiefs Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser ChiefsEveryday I Love You Less and Less
Heat Dies Down
Thank You Very Much
Born to Be a Dancer
Na Na Na Na Naa
I Can Do It Without You
Modern Way
Everything Is Average Nowadays
I Predict a Riot
Take My Temperature

The Angry Mob
Oh My God