On Curtness: India Sweets & Spices


India Sweets & Spices is known for two things. Cheap food and curt service. Some people confuse curt service for bad service. Curt just means they don’t smile or joke around, they simply feed you. Bad service means they are rude and inattentive. Bad service is unforgivable, but curt service is, as long as the food can back it up. India Sweets & Spices backs it up.

There’s a menu with a dozen dinner combinations on it and none of it makes sense. When this kind of thing happens to me, I usually order the #2 (at Soot Bull Jeep it’s the ribeye). This #2 is two scoops of rice, two vegetable dishes (don’t bother asking them what they are, just point), a samosa, a pakora, one piece of naan, and a big flaky chip. All for around $5.50. It’s one of the best deals in LA I’ve come across.


Plus it’s an Indian grocer, so if you happen to need fourteen different kinds of naan, you can cross it off your list here.

There’s always people here, but it’s never busy. I’ve seen India Sweets & Spices bring out some random West L.A.’ers, like this little anomaly.


The more you go there, the less intimidated you become by the ebb and flow of the line. As you get more acquainted with the servers, you can make fun of them and they can make fun of you. Try the dessert ever so often.

India Sweets & Spices
9409 Venice Blvd.
Culver City, Ca 90034