Parisian-British Co-Invasion!

A clusterfuck of epic proportions is likely to happen this evening as two people who are no strangers to being mobbed will descend on Sunset Boulevard and make getting mobbed (and stuck in traffic) just as easy for everyone else in the area. It’s the very Hollywood-appropriate perfect storm of celebrity, and no one, not even George Clooney’s beard hairs, could get out unscathed.


Perhaps while Paul McCartney is getting strummy at Amoeba and Paris Hilton is getting chummy with Larry King at CNN next door, some cloud of toxic soda spray from the Jack in the Box across the street will waft down Cahuenga and blind all Hollywood paparazzi and celebrity stalkers in one fell swoop. At the very least, it’ll gum up their cameras.


Truly sad will be the McCartney fans who arrived Tuesday evening to get the required wristband for the in-store but were denied because Amoeba staff had already given out the allotment to the die-hards who started lining up as early as Monday. They’ll just have to hope that “the nonfat Hilton” refrains from pointing out on camera that she is more popular than Jesus, thus keeping the mob scene from going feral.

For those who must commute through the Amoeba/CNN zone: Keep calm and carry on.