Canadian Coffee Break: Pinkberry Crosses Cañadian Border

’cofadian’The Canadian Coffee Break brings together some of the finest Canadian minds in Southern California every week for a topical, lively round-tablesque discussion over very dark coffee. Won’t you join us.

In this week’s installment Pinkberry invades La Cañada Flintridge, as reported by the La Cañada Valley Sun. From the paper:

The latest frozen yogurt craze has arrived in La Cañada. The hip and trendy Pinkberry, the franchise that brought back the dessert that has exploded into a cultural phenomenon, will be opening a branch in La Cañada by the end of the year. The hard- to-miss bright pink building began interior construction earlier this week at the site next to Chocolate Box Cafe© previously occupied by

The Korean owned and operated Pinkberry sought out the city for architectural and business approvals two months ago in hopes of launching a store in LCF. The city played no role in bringing in Pinkberry.

How do the California Canadians feel about this turn of events? Keep reading…

Jamie (website)
I want to personally congratulate the city of La Cañada Flintridge, and then I want to revoke those congratulations and replace them with scorn.

First of all, LCF, good work on getting a Pinkberry store. I hope the frozen yogurt compares to Yogurtland in Fullerton, the same store I patroned yesterday (where I recieved a large discount for some unknown reason).

Now let me revoke that pseudo-compliment and replace it with scorn. Many years ago I was in La Cañada Flintridge and I “helped” Adolfo fix a broken irrigation pipe. I am a soldier of humanity and repaired that irrigation line so the grass could remain green and children could say, “Wow, my eyes feel so nice because what I’m looking at is lovely. I’m going to live long and succeed.”

And here you go – adding a TURBO PINK BUILDING in the middle of town?? Do I mean that little to you?? Should the hard work that Adolfo did while I talked to him in broken Spanish be erased from history and replaced with this??

Alth-Oh La Cañada does sound a lot more like My Home And Native Land, you can bet my True Patriot Love will take In All Thy Son’s Command and acquire frozen yogurt from more appreciative cities.

Sean Chretien
La Cañada
(sung to the lovely cadence of our sovereign song, O Canada)

La Cañada!
Home of two newspapers!
La Cañada Valley Sun – and that other less important one.

With doting pride, you quick declared, Pinkberry erection.
Next to JPL, La Cañada, the 818 will prevail!

Pre-reviewed on Yelp, addictive like crack rocks,
La Cañada, home of the latest Pinkberry!
La Cañada, home to a concentration of herpes!

On a more somber note, I would like to remind all that the installation of this Pinkberry comes at quite a cost. Not only will neighboring “Chocolate Box Cafe” surely see its business on the steep decline in the coming months, but La Cañadians will no longer have the opportunity to frequent ”” Yes, step back from your childlike excitement and recall the locale before it was painted to look like the inside of Barbie’s van. Oh what’s that? You seem to remember the cute little boutique that stood approximately where the fledgling PUNKberry now does.

“Ah, truesay. But I will still be able to acquire my cute threads on the interweb.”

WRONG hot shot. Turns out that “” is just an adorable moniker. There’s no website, and thanks to your beloved Pinkberry there’s no longer a physical site either. If it wasn’t already obvious, donald trumps a trendy yogurt spot avec lines any day of the week.

We’re all fucked.

Ms Frabjabulous
“That Pinkberry Stuff The Kids Are Always On About”

First of all, I’ve never been to La Cañada but it sounds like a hellhole. I grew up on the mean streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia, down the street from a halfway house and across the street from a crackhouse before that. There was also a prostitute that lived next door who had like 10 kids. Now THAT was a fun place to grow up. I’m just not down with this planned community boring shit, unless you want your kid to grow up to be another cog in the corporate machine, man, just working for the man, man, now lets all get dreadlocks and listen to RATM and never do anything to help society (whoops sorry one angry rant blended into another, my bad).

What does go into Pinkberry?

My guess:

I was just in up in La Cañada at a pool party on Saturday. I took a friend from Boston up there, on our way into those imposing San Gabriel mountains north of Glendale, I had him google the address for me on his Razr, but he thought I was proposing on taking him all the way to Canada. Another time I had this wall map of LA and I tried to find a bike route from my place in Atwater village straight north as far as I could possibly go (may be in hopes of escaping to Canada). Instead, I ended up in the hills of La Cañada on some street called Oceanview from which indeed I could see the mountains. That was a pain in the ass ride, literally, I could barely walk when I finally reached the end of the road.

As for Pinkberry, I won’t deny the stuff is good, but as Losanjealous noted some time ago, it’s not real right? I heard it doesn’t even have any yogurt culture right? Although some of those other places apparently do. Around Western and Beverly it’s something-berry every other shop.