Downtown Planners Propose 250 Square-foot Units

’SquareNews comes today that city planners are seeking zoning changes to allow for 250 square-foot units to be built in and around Downtown.

Opponents are very vocal:

“I see it as creating a neighborhood where parking is horrendous and families are squeezing themselves into these units which are very small because they are affordable,” affordable housing developer Noreen McClendon said.

While a representative from a development firm that stands to gain financially from the passage of the zoning change, makes some good points:

“This is a landmark event. The people who care about downtown L.A. have been waiting for these ordinances for a long time,” said Dan Rosenfeld, a principal in the downtown development firm Urban Partners.

It was not clear how or why the number of 250 was arrived upon, nor were exact details on these square-foot units are not yet known. My personal speculation is these may be for those new slim, standing hyperbaric chambers or in fact spacious living quarters for a new breed of genetically engineered micro-beings. Either way, the rejuvenation of Downtown Los Angeles wins.