Ask A Vegetarian About Oki-Dog

Oki-Dog is beautiful in my eyes

Hello, vegetarian.


Was this your first time to Oki-Dog?


What did you order and why?

The vegetarian burrito, because I didn’t see the grilled cheese until it was too late.

What was the veggie burrito comprised of?

Iceberg lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, sliced dill pickles and shredded cheese wrapped in a giant white flour tortilla by a toothless man. He offered to put chili in it for me. I declined.

How was the veggie burrito?

Horrible. I was eating the fixings from a Fuddrucker’s topping bar in a damp tortilla.

Would you order it again? Why or why not?

No. Not only was it bland and mushy, it did nothing to curb my hunger. And, to top it off, the damn thing cost close to $6! That’s ridiculous, even considering the westside shack/truck burrito markup!

Do you feel the current “A” health grade is accurate at Oki-Dog?

Eh, I can’t say either way. However, the Oki-Dog experience may have a positive effect on oral health – my dining companion and I were so creeped out by the toothless guy that we both flossed our teeth as soon as we got home.

How was your overall experience? (Please feel free to elaborate on video games, transients, filthy shifts, television etc)

It was memorable. The actual Oki-Dog is something that needs to be seen in person; pictures don’t do it justice. And although I was advised not to make contact with any surface in the shack unless absolutely necessary, I couldn’t resist the Tekken 3 arcade game. And I’m glad I didn’t, mokujin rocks! I mean woods! I mean…I don’t know what I mean, it’s a fighting tree stump with breasts, it was great.

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