From Blake’s Phone: Linoleum City, Fast Food Beverage Pairing, Ambiguous Switches, Huell The Mighty

Every week Blake and readers just like him send me grainy, blurry, sometimes horribly-framed yet always interesting photos of life in Los Angeles as seen through the lenses of their trusted telephones. Every week, never fail. Join us now, won’t you, as we take a look at the latest offerings…From Blake’s Phone.

Linoleum City rises like the phoenix. Behold:


Linoleum city arises again

Behind the jump: Blake uncovers a fast food beverage pairing chart of ludicrous proportion. Believe it. More phone-enabled digitally preserved moments and your submission instructions.


Like wine, soda must be correctly paired with a meal. Burger King has some recommendations


White wine with chicken fries


A spot of red wine to fill in whatever room is left after ingesting a fucking gut-blasting bk quad stacker, jesus!


Shitty camera phone picture… seriously what the fuck is with this light switch? Found in a Von Dutch warehouse… seriously

Finally, a submission from somebody who knows my affinity for Huell Howser all too well:


chung king restaurant monterey park. Wwwwwwow!

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