Huell Howser: The Drinking Game

Drink Huell Howser!With a limited number of high definition channels at my disposal (years after signing up, no less), DHD’s American Chopper and KCET’s California’s Gold are arguably the best shows I can hope to watch at any given time. As such it gives me great pleasure to share the Huell Howser Drinking Game originally introduced by Save the Sheep blog:

Every time Huell says “wwwwwooooowwwwww…” drink. Not just a “wow” but “wwwwwwwwooooowwww.” You’ll know it when you hear it.

Every time Huell says something obvious, drink. Example: “So the people of the town would bring their mail right here to this post office?”

Every time Huell addresses his cameraman, drink. Example: “Hey, look at this [Luis/Troy/Cameron].”

Losanjealous’ own Samosa Mel adds a few to the list:

Everytime Huell says, “That’s amazing!”…drink.

Everytime Huell uses the words ’historic’ and ’history’…drink.

Everytime Huell shakes a persons hand and doesn’t let go for an uncomfortable amount of time…you guessed it! Drink!

Lastly, when Huell interviews someone and they give him that look that says, “Is this guy serious???”…drink.

Feel free to add rules to the comment section. Those hoping to get started on the game immediately, take note: PBRs are currently $4.99 /12pk @ Ralph’s and KCET’s online programming schedule can be found here.

via Save The Sheep