Blake’s Phone: Vermonica Lampposts; Pogues

Every week Blake and readers just like him send me grainy, blurry, sometimes horribly-framed yet always interesting photos of life in Los Angeles as seen through the lenses of their trusted telephones. Every week, never fail. Join us now, won’t you, as we take a look at the latest offerings…From Blake’s Phone.

What a week. Travel’s a bitch. Better late than never, right? DON’T ANSWER THAT. This week Blake captures one of my favorite oddities in Hollywoodland: The Streetlight Parking Lot Museum at Santa Monica and Vermont (Times article here; real photos on flickr here; order Huell Howser’s video here).


How many lamp posts are required in a parking lot?

After the jump: The Worst Photo Of the Pogues Ever Taken™; a leftover Halloween remnant, your weekly photo submission instructions. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THESE TOTALLY SFW PHOTOS . . . SERIOUSLY . . . FOR REALS . . .


The Pogues at the Wiltern LG on 11/1/07 at 10:31PM
Taken with an LG VX5200 (A whopping .3 MPixels!)



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