Beck To Hancock Park

’BekBeck and his wife, Marrisa Ribisi, have purchased a Hancock Park home for $6,750,000. The eclectic rapper/singer, age 37, co-writer of the 90’s alterna-hit “Loser,” apparently is a notable “house flipper”, as reported by the Berg Properties blog. The detailed blog post also points out that TV’s Ross from Friends (David Schwimmer) is now his neighbor, as well as the glaring inaccuracy by the Hot Properties column of placing the home in “West L.A.” when in fact it is in Hancock Park. Whether or not this was intended to preserve Beck’s privacy, was a political ploy to claim Beck as a “Westsider,” or the writer actually considers Hancock Park as “West L.A.”, ultimately can’t be known. Which ever the case, hopefully, with one of LA’s art icons now taking up a Midtown residence in a Hancock Park location, the whole Westside/Eastside debate can be put to rest finally. When it really comes down to it, people mostly buy where they can afford, period.