Last Minute Tuesday Plan: Tacos, PBR, Miss Your Face

’lessLess Jack More Jill presents event #3: Miss Your Face featuring Voxhaul Broadcast, Carolina Liar and assorted miscellany @ Airliner (Broadway, Lincoln Heights, dangerously near porno burrito and chapalita) this evening. Go check out Voxhaul Broadcast prior to their upcoming Spaceland and Silverlake Lounge gigs – on the cheap, no less.

From the mouth of Jill:

“We like to throw in extras…art shows, comedians, facepainting. We’re not in it for profit. We just want people to come hang out, have a good time, and see or hear great art for little to no cover.”

The bands sound great but the event gets the nod this evening for the lucrative $1 PBR policy. Cheapskates take heed: No cover before 9pm, $1 PBR until 11pm. My advice: Go to chapalita. Chapalita also has no cover. Get some tacos. I recommend al pastor; it is super fucking delicious. Go to Airliner at 859pm. Get in free. Eat the tacos and guzzle a few $1 PBRs as fast as humanly possible; if the bands and comedians aren’t to your liking, hooray! you still win.