Sunset Virgin Megastore Closure Percentage Off & Remaining Stock Check Update Thread

’SunsetWhile it is not without some regret we mark the closing of yet another shuttered record shop–albeit in this case, just one outlet of a behemoth chain–this thread is not for maudlin memories, but for Losanjealenos to post updates on the current percent of markdowns and the state of the remaining product as the Sunset Megastore approaches it’s February closure.

We may or may not admit it, but the %-off n influences what we may or may not take home on a sliding scale: i.e., The higher the markdown = the lower our standards = increased willingness to take home some dubious product to plug some gaps in our collections. Of course complicating this is the variable that the longer you hold out on pulling the trigger on a buy, waiting for a higher markdown, the more likely your product is going to be snapped up by others.

The below handy table can help guide your purchases, with an aim to help you snap up what you’re after before the shelves are bare.

Percentage Off Example Appropriate Purchase
30% Criterion Collection DVD titles
40% Core pop canon CD box sets (i.e., Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, etc.) Not allowed: “Nuggets” or “Brit Box” or other half-baked genre catchall boxes.
50% Any post-Young Americans Bowie album (excluding Let’s Dance or anything Tin Machine)
60% Person Pitch by Panda Bear or other random Pitchfork ≥8.0 LP from ’07
70% European magazines for fanned-out coffee table display (must exceed 300 pp., 2 lbs., and/or $10 USD)
80% New vintage Ramones T-shirt
90% Arli$$ DVD box set (Season 9 only)
100% Eagles Greatest Hits