Supergrass Set for the Avalon, July 12

Supergrass @ Avalon Sat 7/12

Trailer for the upcoming Glange Fever: The Chas Harrison Rockumentary, featuring Supergrass.

Taking a night off from their upcoming tour with the Foos, Supergrass headline the Avalon on July 17th. (Our arenarock titans love these guys; Pearl Jam has also brought them on the road.)

It is kind of remarkable that as one of the youngest of the myriad Britpop bands making noise in the mid 90’s (Echobelly, anyone? Sleeper? These Animal Men? Menswear?!) that Supergrass should have emerged as the genre’s most durable act, now coming up on 15 years together and six albums, not a dud among them, and one of them at least–1995’s We’re In It For The Money–a bonified classic. We’ll probably hear a lot of the new record, Diamond Hoo Ha, at this show, but if they wanted to, they could easily rattle off a dozen or so singles in a row that can stack up against the best of any band making music in their time. In a perfect world, they would have had Oasis’s career.