Jane’s Addiction Original Lineup Reunion Set for El Rey, Coachella?

Long the lone hold out for a complete Jane’s reunion, Eric Avery has relented and will re-join the band for a special NME awards show to be held at the El Rey a week from today, April 23. They are receiving the NME’s prestigious Godlike Genius Award that has been previously awarded to the likes of The Clash, New Order, Primal Scream and Manic Street Preachers. With this news coming on the heels of yesterday’s Mötley Crüe tour news, the nation’s eyeliner supply is sure to take a devestating hit, so be advised to stock up now, ladies.

Given the timing of the announcement, it would hardly be irresponsible to speculate that Jane’s Addiction could possibly play Coachella, which begins the very next night. In fact, it would irresponsible to not speculate this eventuality, given the circumstantial evidience. So, being the responsible types that we are, we are in fact speculating here regarding the medium-to-high probability that the reunited Jane’s Addiction may likely perform at Coachella possibly.