Flight of the Conchords @ Coachella?

conchordsAre you as tired of Coachella speculation as I’ve intended for you to be yet? If not give me time, but if so, take comfort in the fact that we’ve a 100% Coachella-free baconwrapped hot dog article hitting the stands later today.

RIGHT NOW, THOUGH: Today’s rampant speCoachellulation: Flight of the Conchords. They’re scheduled for an instore appearance at Amoeba Records on April 24 – the day before the festival – yet their official Los Angeles gigs aren’t until the end of May – at the Orpheum – a Goldenvoice venue. Do the math. Having seen Tenacious D appear between the Strokes and the Foo Fighters in Indio back in ’02, I’m responsibly predicting a similar surprise this year. Discuss.