Official Coachella Prince-Inclusive Poster (PIP) 2008: Third Time's A Charm?

Official Coachella Prince-Inclusive Poster (PIP) 2008: Third Time’s A Charm?

princeachella poster #3

Coachella Prince-inclusive poster watching. I’m in the thick of it, man. I’m waist deep in that shit. When Prince was first announced we had the gaping hole. Next, we had the hole shored up with a loaded Prince symbol pointing at the Johnson. Today, the third official Prince-inclusive Coachella poster spotted over at has all three headliners right up there at the top, where they belong. But wait! What’s this? Prince gets his unpronouncable-in-any-tongue symbol, Roger gets a “Dark Side of the Moon” preface, yet Jack gets diddly-squat above his name? I’m Jack Johnson, I’m laid back, no preface needed? Say it isn’t so. I would like to see a tiny pair of reversed white cartoon flip-flops above the name, please. That, or “Playing His Hit Songs from the Curious George Soundtrack” would look mighty fine up top as well. Your choice and you still have time to squeeze out one more poster before Friday, guys. Let’s do this. (BONUS TIP: Jack goes to the left. The other two headliners rotate to the right and then you have all three headliners actually under their respective performance dates…)

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My thanks to Sung, whose eagle eye found today’s iteration