Pipettes Lose Two Out Of Three Pipettes; Unknown Band Member Rickrolls Everybody Else

the pipettesWe would not have seen this coming in a million – scratch that! bajillion – years, but the Pipettes – you remember them, right? Three young girls… polka dots… the color pink… cheeky, British, 60s schtick… bad Greased Lightning acid flashback… Any of this ringing a bell? … No?… – The Pipettes have announced a major change in lineup on their myspace blog and official site. (Note: Announcement is rickroll-inclusive.) Apparently, two out of the three Pipettes are now gone and have already been replaced! RiotBecki and Rosay are out; Ani and Anna are in. (Again: RiotBecki and Rosay are out; Ani and Anna are in.) Pipettes! Alas! It seems only yesterday we saw them at South by Southwest 2007, mere moments before Pete Townshend took to the stage. It seems only yesterday I wailed, “Dammit Victor I can’t believe you actually wanted to see this bullshit.” It seems only yesterday agent Steve Ferguson was advising the world of the group’s potential longevity:

Some might dismiss the group as a novelty. Paradigm’s Steve Ferguson, the band’s agent, said anyone who’s quick to write The Pipettes off should think again.

“I don’t look at them as being a novelty act,” Ferguson told Pollstar. “I don’t look at them as being just the one-off, aren’t-they-cute, disposable pop that some other people might view them as. I look at them as a relevant musical act that could be around for a long, long time.” (Pollstar; Oct 2007)

Questions now hang heavy in the air: What do the two new Pipettes (Ani and Anna) look like? Will they look good in polka-dot? Good enough to sell tickets? Will they have just the perfect amount of cheekiness? Will the group’s music change dramatically? Will the focus change? The costumes? Newly freed from their indentured Pipettehood, what will RiotBecki and Rosay do with their lives? Do they still have… NO REGRETS!?!?!? And who the hell just rickrolled us? Alas, the home page announcement – quite possibly the work of one Monster Bobby – provides few answers, ample Astley.

Former Pipette RiotBecki @ SXSW 2007 by Jenn

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